The Manifest-Station

Elizabeth Bishop knew it.

The roaring alongside he takes for granted,

and that every so often the world is bound to shake. 

I know it.

I know how sometimes you walk along and the pavement lifts up, right from under your feet, how it flips you in the air and you land on your head, your pockets empty, your hands cut from bracing the fall. I know how sometimes you walk along on the shore and it just reaches out and swallows you up, just like that. A mess of foam and salt and saliva and spit and you never even know what happened until you cough up sea and sand as you lay facing the blue blue sky in a land that all of a sudden feels unsafe and unknowable. I know how sometimes you walk along the dirty road  and the earth simply cracks in half, taking you…

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Live Your Life, Live Your Life, Live Your Life

Almost certainly, I’ll go before you go, so I won’t have to miss you.

Night & Day

What is night for all beings is day for a disciplined yogi, as he is one with the vision of the soul (apavarga); when all beings are active with worldly pleasures (bhoga), the yogi considers this as night by keeping himself aloof from worldly thoughts.

Bhagavad Gita II.69

Sankalpa 2013

My teaching, partner and all relationships support and deepen the connection to my spiritual self. I honor my true self in all decisions.