The Masters Touch

Retreat into your soul to find a soul retreating from you. Of lost causes and put on moments there is little to say. Less time we have now that a day is past, and less past for our idle lives. Spent are the moments that with carelessness would have fallen out of the hole in our pocket. And well used are the candle drippings that might have gone to the floor if not for the tin plate on the table.

How goes your search for someone who is covered deep in the darkness of the bright snow? Communicate less with yourself so as to give more time to those who communicate more with themselves. Discover the vastness of a pinhead when you find the total self of another. Prattle on of yourself but when it is your turn, listen so as to find a new topic, a refreshing subject. Ah, the facets of a subject. Retreat to a soul for its good not yours.


Excerpt from a book my father made in high school, around 1971. It’s hand written in pencil, in a script far more legible than any I’ve ever seen come from his hand.


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